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For the last two decades the Marais area has been one of the hippest parts of the city, stuffed with fashionable hotels, boutiques and restaurants - in no small part due to its popularity with the gay community. It's also prime territoty for arts lovers, thanks to all the museums and famous art galleries found there. You will love this Parisian neighborhood for its tightly knit street, its history and beauty.

Some Background on the Marais District

The Knights Templar secured the marshlands north of Philippe Auguste’s region in the twelfth century. Starting in the sixteenth century, large residences were built in this area by the aristocracy. This trend increased further with the development of Place Royale, later to become the Place des Vosges, in 1605 by Henri IV. Eventually, when the royal court departed to Versailles, there was a decline throughout this district.

Much later, urban redevelopment initiated by Haussmann minimally affected Marais with new rules and construction relevant to alignment. This ultimately led an irregular width to Marais’ streets. A popular origin for the name Marais, meaning marshland in French, came from maraichers, or vegetable gardens. This is because the area outside Philippe Auguste’s initial walls were well cultivated and often maintained by religious orders.

At the beginning of the twentieth century and the tail end of the nineteenth, many Jews moved into the surrounding area of Rue des Rosiers, influencing local labor throughout the apparel industry. This, in turn, resulted in Marais becoming a target for Nazis occupation during a period when they controlled France. Upon liberation in 1944, this district experienced a slow decline. To ensure the protection of this region’s character, in 1969, Marais was named as the first protected sector, or secteur sauvegardé, by André Malraux. This maintained the inherent beauty of this area’s many museums, historic sites, and art galleries. In keeping with many regions of Paris, there are numerous shops and buildings sold, without the storefronts being altered to preserve the culture and history an area is founded upon. This results in unique sights such as a storefront resembling the style of a bakery, but selling fashionable apparel or converted into a trendy hotel.

Marais district today.

Rue des Rosiers, fortunately met with a rejuvenation in the 1990s that made it a major center of the Jewish community in Paris, France. Today, building walls highlight flyers detailing Jewish events, bookstores specialize in Jewish literature, and a majority of bistros and shops offer kosher food. There is a synagogue located at 10, rue Pavée, close to rue des Rosiers that is known as a thriving religious center. It provides a firm foundation for followers of the Chabad movement and was designed by Hector Guimard, a famous art nouveau architect. Guimard is also well known for his design of many Paris Metro stations. Another enticing site is the rue des Francs-Bougeouis, a rare location in Paris that is totally open on Sundays. Culture in Marais is perse and also holds a notable Chinese community in the north near République. Marais is also popular for its growing appeal to alternative lifestyles since the 1980s. It’s full of fine gay nightclubs, cafés, shops, and cabarets in the southwestern area of this region. Other notable highlights in Marais include the home of Nicolas Flamel, the Musée Picasso, the Musée Carnavelet and the Musée Cognacq-Jay.

Paris Marais Apartments Highlights

Positioned nearby the Cirque d’Hiver and Hotel Murano, AMEL108 is conveniently located on the fourth floor of a modern and secure building. This cozy, yet spacious Paris apartment, offers a warm ambience that’s a comfort to travelers from everywhere. This stylish and inviting apartment provides room to sleep up to five people with a single bath. It’s fully equipped with the basic necessities and includes extra conveniences; like a hair dryer, coffee maker, fridge, toaster, convection oven, washer/dryer, and much more! There is even a Macintosh available so you can stay better connected to the internet while traveling.

Another popular apartment in the heart of Marais, is LEMARAIS. Situated amongst a variety of local bakeries, produce shops, and other small stores, this Paris apartment is sure to make its guests feel the local flair. Staying here means travelers will only be a few short steps away from revered sites such as the Bastille, St. Paul, or even St. Louis Island. With so much character when compared to other Paris Marais apartments, this gem really stands out for its unique exposed beams, 15th century doors, and time worn charm.