Why work with Parisaddress ?

Why work with Parisaddress ?

Why work with Parisaddress ?

Why work with Parisaddress?


    • A loyal, quality clientele.

Our agency has been in operation for 9 years; we can take care of your apartment.

Our clients are mainly English-speaking and European (USA, Australia, United Kingdom, and Italy). We focus on mid & long term rentals and have a large business clientele.

The return rate of our clients is very high: About 30% of them come back to Paris and use our services again. Word-of-mouth also works very well and we are frequently recommended by former clients.

    • A high occupancy rate for your apartment.

Our website is well positioned on the major search engines in English. In the opinion of our clients, our site is user friendly and easy to use. The automatic update and search based on availability for our inventory with the immediate display of tariffs, allow our corporate clients to book and to pay online. The booking process is also very fast, and less cumbersome than with other websites.

We are also connected to a central B2B markeplace (FlatsWire)  - allowing foreign travel agencies and corporates, around 90 companies, (Australian, American, Brazilian, etc.) to rent apartments instantly. This tool, much appreciated by our overseas partners, gives our owners a large internet coverage: Your apartment is automatically accessible by these partners found around the world.

And, at least, we are connected to the main large internationnal portals.


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Thanks to all of this, the average occupancy of an apartment is about 70% for the periods available for letting, that is, other than periods reserved by the owner.


    • A human-sized company and a person-to-person relationship with our owners.

Our company’s administrative team is composed of six people. As the owner, you will quickly get to know each member of this team as we are at your service to answer all your questions concerning your apartment.

Of course, we also provide you with access to a website that lets you view events relating to your apartment in real time and the financial details of each let, etc. In addition, this “special gateway” allow you easily to block periods when you wish to occupy your property or lend out privately.

    • A comprehensive service.

Parisaddress offers several service packages :


Client check-in



All clients are greeted personally at the apartment. This service is provided 7 days per week. During the check-in, our agent shows the client around the apartment, explaining the operation of the TV, appliances, etc., and tests the Internet connection with the client present.

In addition, we provide for the tenant of each apartment a detailed, written “how to” list.

After the check-in, the client signs the rental agreement.


Client support.



We keep in contact with the client by telephone and e-mail during his or her stay in Paris, providing a prompt and efficient service. 

Our agency can be contacted during office hours from Monday to Saturday.

For evenings and Sundays, we provide clients with an emergency telephone number, allowing us to respond to any serious issues such as water leaks, key and lock problems, etc.





If you choose our comprehensive package, we clean your apartment at the end of the rental and provide linen (sheets and towels).

At the end of each rental, the cleaning is done either on the same day or the following day. This service is available 7 days per week.






In the event of technical problems in your apartment, we can arrange for the necessary craftmen. We provide this service whether your apartment is rented or not. At your convenience, we can act on your behalf in complying with all your ownership requirements , such as the replacement or maintenance of a boiler or washing machine, changing an Internet or telephone service provider, or carrying out renovation or decorating work.






Our agency will of course collect payments from clients and pay you your monthly rent.

Where appropriate, we deduct the expenses we incur on your behalf in the maintenance of your apartment, such as the purchase of a new refrigerator, carpet cleaning, annual boiler maintenance, insurance premium, services provided by us at your request, such as cleaning after you or your private associates have occupied the apartment, malfunction of the heating, power failure, co-ownership works, etc.

Parisaddress provides all of these services. As owner, you can choose to decide which services you need from us: for example, you can choose to retain control of the cleaning and maintenance of your apartment and to have us deal with rentals and support.

We are always ready to tailor our services to your requirements




Transparency with letting rates.

After visiting your apartment, we will of course propose a schedule of rents “net to owner,” and we will also tell you at what rent your apartment will be let.

Our website, unlike many others, is completely transparent on rates: for a given apartment and rental period the monthly rental price is displayed immediately.