Photo Affittare Apartment Paris (75004) 2 bedrooms 45m² - Marais

Affittare Apartment Paris (75004) 2 bedrooms 45m² - Marais

Marais, Paris, FRANCE

Questo appartamento situato Paris nella sona Marais in 75004 distrito può ospitare fino 3 peoples. E composta 2 bedrooms con 3 sleeps separate. La cucina è attrezzata con pronom_flat_dishwasher, pronom_flat_oven, pronom_toaster. This apartment ha anchepronom_flat_washingmachine, pronom_flat_wifi, pronom_flat_cable.

3 guests 3 beds 2 camere 1 bathroom


  • amenities_air_conditioning
  • amenities_dryer
  • amenities_elevator
  • amenities_internet
  • amenities_parking
  • amenities_phone
  • amenities_washer
  • amenity_shower
  • amenity_tub
  • entertainment_television
  • kitchen_dining_dishwasher
  • kitchen_dining_microwave
  • kitchen_dining_oven
  • kitchen_dining_toaster
  • outdoor_balcony
  • outdoor_deck_patio_uncovered
  • pool_spa_sauna
  • Free phone US
  • cable
  • vista sul cortile
  • disabilitare l'accesso
  • forno mixto
  • piscina
  • letti separati
  • street view
  • gabinetto
  • Free phone US
  • WIFI
  • washing/dryer combined

Additional details

Apartment 4 rooms de 45m²2 bedrooms, situato Rue du Petit Musc 75004 Paris, in the distrito Marais. This apartment puo ospitare 3 peoples e ha de 2 bedrooms, 3 sleeps. Con funzione come : pronom_flat_washingmachine, pronom_flat_wifi, pronom_flat_cable. La cuccina et attrezzata con pronom_flat_dishwasher, pronom_flat_oven, pronom_toaster. Un bagno che comprende pronom_flat_shower_separated.

Reviews - Affittare Apartment Paris (75004) 2 bedrooms 45m² - Marais

NORMAN D. to rent this apartment

Despite getting off to a rocky start (late flight, RER B line closed), we managed to arrive after some problems. The owner was not helpful. We received no instructions as to how to get to the apartment, and had to sort it out on our own.. We finally managed to contact him, and he offered to pay for our taxi, but did not do this when we arrived. He showed us how to get in to the building, a brief tour, and then left. I understand that he was frustrated with us being late, but it was beyond our control.

The apartment was a good set-up for my daughter and I to visit Paris. It is a 3 minute walk to the Sully Morland metro stop, and a bit further to Bastille, making it easy to get around to see the sights. There are a couple of grocery stores close by, and plenty of cafes etc. There are lots of interesting things to see right in the area.

The apartment was basically ok, but could use a good cleaning/coat of paint. A few little decorating touches, and removal of odd bits of furniture would make it a more pleasant space. The TV should be moved out of the small bedroom. I did not appreciate having to strip the beds at the end of our stay. For the amount of money I paid, this should be included in the price. The linens and towels need to be updated. If you can ignore these issues, and need two bedrooms with some separation, it's a good basic accommodation.